Sam moved to Seattle in 2010 for graduate school at the University of Washington to pursue her dreams of some day becoming a music theory professor. But while in school, she quickly realized that her desire to work with a wide variety of people on a wide variety of things wasn’t going to fit in with the research-heavy lifestyle of a university professor. She wanted to make a real difference in the community, and she wasn’t ready to leave Seattle. So after earning her Master’s degree, she spent a few years gaining work experience before joining the Linster Creative team.

Sam got her start with web design the way most people do: wanting the coolest AOL profile in middle school. Because of her constant drive for perfection, Sam achieved that goal, and that meant learning HTML. Her interest in web design and the evolution of online languages followed her through the years, and eventually led her to her current position as Linster Creative’s Digital Producer. Sam’s expertise lies in creating, managing, and updating responsive multimedia content for websites and social media; monitoring and interpreting Web analytics; and providing feedback and resources for improving online brand presence.

In her spare time, Samantha is in a bowling league (pun intended) and a kickball league, and she continues to refine her research skills by conducting her own empirical study to determine Seattle’s best burger.

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